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flexing its muscles all kind of hurry so it's better save us wait let me walk one washington funnels on to state forces what's predicted to be a bloody consulate attack. the first of syria's chemical weapons are shipped off to destruction and rebel groups turn each other in a mercy list with about five hundred fighters killed in clashes over just one week . with a month before the winter olympics starts of the host city is pushing a prior she on security to make sure the games remain safe and district. confidence in the e.u. leaders has never been you know was going to be a new ball would he say in the hard hit areas of you would where government us when being the solution to an entrenched economic crisis.
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may very well welcome to you if you've just joined us here on r.t. international you're watching this week's the week. the black flag of al qaeda was up this week and raced over to iraq's cities which are now under the control of jihad is bent on creating a new islamic nation but the real blood letting is yet to begin want to experts as the rocky army and tribal militias mobilized and prepared to come to attack is going to change again reports. young girl not going to do with. integrity they run on chaos emboldened by the fighting in syria these al qaeda linked militants overran parts of iraq including the city of the literature we have said earlier about the serious situation will actually go into iraq and this is what we were
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warning about chaos in neighboring syria deep as the u.s. and its allies threatened the syrian government sending the signal to the rebels to fight on to the detriment of the political outcome islamic schools have now taken over the opposition movement there and have even chased the western backed leader of the free syrian army out of the country so beason asked you the relieve it along because if you kick it they're going to come out and bite you and that's what we did when we invaded iraq you know three and it can bite not just somewhere far in a war zone but here in the u.s. american intelligence and counterterrorism officials now say islamic extremist groups in syria with ties talk to recruiting and training americans who have traveled there to get them to carry out attacks when they return home there are dozens of extremist islamist forces that are operating both inside syria and over the syrian borders walk has been
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a breeding ground for extremists since the u.s. invasion now residents of other parts of the country are bracing themselves for the iraqi army's assault as it attempts to drive militants out of seized areas the u.s. is supplying hellfire missiles and other weapons to help the iraqi government in the fight the last thing for me is as more missiles we heard the u.s. government say they decimated al qaida is needed but the groups that continue their cause expand and what they thrive on best is chaos the u.s. backed chaos to iraq and in syria washington support for armed opposition has benefited extremists in washington i'm going to check on our quiz. the jihad his group now said to be in control of fallujah and ramadi is the islamic state of iraq and the levant also known as isis it's seen as a formidable fighting force and its militants are among of the most radical cells in syria isis itself that dates back to the early years of the iraq war it
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was formed in april two thousand and four by sunni insurgents and soon after a pledge allegiance to bin laden two years later it was rebranded as the islamic state of iraq in two thousand and thirteen its military successes against. strong influence in syria were so it's ad want to the name now of course in the latest developments the group has taken control of fallujah and other parts of the province in iraq and proclaimed an islamic state ross at the point is a former u.s. marine who fought in fallujah a decade ago he things the u.s. led invasion could be to blame for the violence that we see now but i think the reason that there's discontent in iraq right now is because of the u.s. led occupation put in place a lot of structural injustices that are the root of all the violence in iraq right now one of the results of the occupation of iraq was that the sunni community.
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became a very marginalized targeted group within iraq so this is the root of a lot of the fighting in unbar province right now. i think for the u.s. government to continue arming the rocky government to facilitate their internal oppression of various ethnic minorities within the country i think that would be very immoral on our part and i think it would be more immoral for us to send troops to participate in this repression. in syria western nations are watching in horror as their favorite rebel groups turn on each other just as last week almost five hundred opposition fighters have died fighting each other in a turf war that appears to demonstrate its the more hard line islamists are running the show elsewhere in syria the first batch of the country's chemical weapons stockpile has been removed by ship a danish vessel left the port for international waters where the toxic cargo will be destroyed meantime turkey's prime minister and i want is insisting the upcoming
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peace talks in geneva should seek the removal of us that something independent political analyst gerald overwhelming called upset. it's hardly surprising that arizona would come out with such a ridiculous line has been behaving mostly radically since the very start of the war. talking about regime change is not on the agenda obviously doing this themself under a threat of regime change in turkey so he's probably the last man in the region who would want to talk about regime change at this stage of course you can't have political negotiations if one side say it's ridiculous preconditions and of course regime change is never really been an option in syria absolutely possible to stage a regime the only way you can have regime change in syria is if the regime is overthrown as it were that has an obviously is not the case and they failed to
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defeat the syrian army and talk about regime change is really on hopeful at this stage. british m.p.'s who discover a growing gap between the country's military and the public people apparently no longer understand the purpose of the military or what aids to achieve on this story coming up later here on arch international. sort of the host city of the twenty fourteen winter olympics seeing one of the biggest security operations in the game's history tens of thousands of police officers have been deployed and access to the area strictly monitored with the aim of preventing any disruption when events begin archies paul scott takes a look. the twenty second olympic winter games in two thousand and fourteen i wore there to defeat the such enough i as soon as russia's black sea resort was awarded the game seven years ago. as a question the choice of host city such as close proximity to the volatile caucasus
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region was they argued a cause for concern. and the recent twin terror attacks in volgograd some seven hundred kilometers from sochi every ignited some of those worries. security has been their main priority since day one from the very beginning of the construction phase the state that. made those all that money to prepare the special measures to stop them from the screen in all their old materials checking in all the venue and preparing incredible measures of the security to provide this safe environment here with less than a month to go now until the games begin tight security measures are already in place around forty thousand police and security offices are expected to be on patrol all sales of dangerous hunting equipment a bond for the duration of the games there's also
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a controlled stretching sixty kilometers along the coast and twenty five kilometers inland and encompassing all venues. in terms of security so it is a special case because this whole area is authorized to visit this only there are security details from a number of countries including the u.k. and u.s. working here. and those security forces will be coming together to protect places like this is the brand new purpose built train station in the olympic village is going to be one of the main transport hubs during the games moving thousands of spectators. cameras into comes that connects you with the engineer and the police presence at. and on the train security is pretty tight. with the bulk of the work now complete with all venues and transport networks built and tested sochi is now just waiting for the sporting world to descend pull scott's altie tsotsi.
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the traditional olympic torch relay has been a collection of first ever so this time around it's been taken to the north pole underwater and into a pit in spain sent r.t. has followed it all the way one of the daughters even ended up in our studio but to my colleague lindsey france james brown this is my. personal torch it's as you can see very one of the car and souvenir let me let me have a look at it i mean this this is not light by any means heavy this respect but yeah it is what two kilos about four actually really oh yes i'm going to train that you hold it up that is heavy quite and this is a better record breaking relay for the olympic torch going places it's never been before you were following it which one of the milestones do you think was the last memorable are important i think for me i've been to several. going to by car was amazing they took the torch under water into my car so you have the burning flare
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torches specially made and passed very impressive on the water and then flew the torch back with the man with the jets on to the on to the shore very good video so that it was it was a sight to be seen but there was one amazing moment a real once in a lifetime moment was going with the torch to the north pole you see on t.v. and you read it and then you think wow that must be really must be very interesting never going to go there and then this opportunity came up to go on this nuclear icebreaker this huge. shit can come through to me to think oh yes. it's fuel boy to judge answered reaction so your visitors it which is a strange feeling in it so yeah. but we were going to go to the north pole with the flame and we made a. lesson for hoped it was a world record pace and rowing in the middle of the whole anoints with the liberty
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torch in the north pole for the very first time in history. we've got the highlights of the olympic torch is journey across russia on our website and check out the follow the flame section also at archie dot com question my radiation spread spying to efforts to contain the hazardous leaks of meetings paid eight times the japanese government safety standards even at the edges of a contaminated say on that online. schools have taken the fingerprints of over eight hundred thousand students a third of the rings without the parents' consent officials say it's done for the sake of security parents and civil liberties groups are questioning the methods that are most stories on r.t. dot com. many europeans blame either politicians for the difficult economic predicament that's according to a new continent wide poll newstead to show very low approval ratings for the e.u.
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leadership in economically devastated spain for example more people turn saying that they think the top politicians have done a poor job through the financial crisis while in ireland has seen a strong i believe in each is norway by increasing financial hardship there seventy percent of people used to approve but that's drop just under half and in the euro skeptic u.k. just under a third now think that the leadership is not a good doing a good job. germany's got a reputation for responsible effective spending but as our cheese put all of our imports a series of seriously have a budget project forcing tech space to take a second look at the comp competence rather the elitists. if you listen to the politicians germany's ruling in it if you believe those
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following the money trail is a different story. the main problem with cost estimates are used wrong data they start building and eventually they run out of money and then tax fines have to pick up the bill. currently germany has one of the biggest construction sectors in europe but all around the country there's evidence that those in charge of the purse strings on the best to make building decisions this building site will eventually become the premier concert hall however it's already over ten times its original budget it's set to cost close to a billion euro it's not just the grand artistic projects that have cost the big money here in the thought off this tourist information booth has already cost taxpayers around one and a half million euro. for the ultimate in modern german construction white elephants look no further than right here at the brandenburg airport grossly over budget
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already four years behind schedule it's currently costing nearly one million euro a day to run and that's without any planes or passengers to those a train tunnel in light zig that ended up five hundred million over budget that had expected in two thousand and five and the german reputation for efficiency hold up when it comes to construction those running for election this year to the e.u. parliament believe those in power don't have the required skills to decide on huge projects it's not their money they can dream they can plan they can make. each and every kind of. drafts because they don't have to paid they are in charge for four years before eight years as long as the project is not finished and the final bill will come they are fighting for the additional costs to increase the
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national debt so the taxpayer pays twice first for the interest rates of additional debt then extra costs for police planning those familiar with construction business know that if you plan to go it will be more expensive than if you plan in advance she was sworn in as chancellor for a third time late last year and glimmer promised five billion to fix up germany's rule adds germans will have no idea how much that promise and eventually cost them peter all of a r t germany. and belgian politician and the fine old french delta says anger at poor economic management spreads much further than germany. there are now a lot of people especially in the southern european countries and ireland not only lost a job but also lost a larger or smaller part of their income so there are a huge amount of people in these crises countries that have
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a lot to be frustrated about and that is being felt now increasingly on the political level and so maybe this year elections for the european parliament too will see a huge chink grease of the vote for parties that are outright against the european union. still coming up for you gold rush water becomes the salsa tasting times between nations report on one of the ongoing middle east and disputes gold plate. if you've got nothing. tentative. start to construct euro currency. no longer be a bit give don't want to be gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't
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want you there well we know the time that a kid came be we can see. you just makes a hundred dollars and i was in the hood. with thirty round clips. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young . that's the same with us here on our to international the british public is becoming
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disconnected from the country's military and have no idea why it's needed that's according to a recent u.k. parliament report british citizens were mostly opposed to the wars in iraq afghanistan and there is a report of the reduced public appetite for overseas interventions also people have questions the military's a lack of a real strategic mission in the world and have to budget cuts up putting the army's capabilities to carry out missions at risk despite being one of the world's top defense spenders britain is planning to cut personnel by nearly thirty percent thirty thousand over the next six years artie's has also year as more. the army is recruiting but applicant numbers are slow to pick up amid thousands of layoffs there's a massive drive to recruit army reservists but leaked mid year army memos revealed the number of people listed the army reserve over
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a three month period was just three hundred sixty seven barely a quarter of the target the ministry of defense said that after wrapping up the recruitment drive in september there were more than fifteen hundred applicants of the first four weeks and that it's too early to make a conclusion but this young man says he simply can't be convinced my grandparents were in the air force or actually during the second world war of the time enjoyed for such a bad idea to be joining forces because they were fighting a war against fascism i don't agree with the way you spoke of food just used it was used as a force as aggressor. and this morning it was a record to commemorate the conscientious objectors to military service those who would exercise their right to refuse to kill you at the time of the first world war for. they faced a restaurant jeers from some a society who view them as cowards but times have indeed changed.
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a decade of fighting in iraq and afghanistan has made the british war weary a most people join the armed forces to be in the peace business not in the war business because such is a threat to their livelihood nobody wants to be in a war because to be in a war activists have also lashed out at recruitment campaign started at sixteen and seventeen year olds who according to one recent study are more susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder at the moment we're asking a sixteen year old to read an interesting point to drink a pint of beer in the park we don't trust a vote in a general election we're asking that person to make a very far reaching legal commitment towards a career like being a baker or an occurrence or the ministry of defense says the report completely ignores the benefits and opportunities that a military career offers young people but for this young man it's a career path is a great way to change his mind about this or try to. we're going to have to show people that if you're joining the army no and you're going to be brought to shoot
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people who've done nothing against. the source of your article. joe blanton is a former british soldier who refused to serve a second tour in afghanistan on moral grounds he was later jailed and spend five months in a military prison he believes politicians are trying to counter oppositions with an aggressive p.r. campaign. because i was without question to be in the military that's just not for them it's nor it's not the oxford debating society obviously you're just told to crack on and politics have nothing to do with you why defense i mean offensive capability and i mean invasions and the use of drones and special forces which is increasingly the trend clearly people want to be secure. and that's not all people the public generally have a problem with what they have a problem with repeated. operations along the lines of iraq afghanistan libya nearly syria they were not sympathetic to those in the corridors of power stories
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and this is part of reason why we've seen increasingly because of the law as a showing of of the military and you can call it a hero or. for a long time or oil and gas have held the potential to make or break relations between nations but now it's often a much more widespread commodity causing diplomatic disputes water i look at this map here that we have for you now those blue dots it's been dubbed blue gold for weaves in gaza aquatic sources have cause almost two hundred incidents since the one nine hundred fifty s. the disputes ranges from protests all the way to deadly confrontations artie's policia dives into one of the ongoing causes of friction in the middle east. the bible tells us that within a short distance from here jesus turned water into wine two thousand years later the great american might be turning the wine back into water but has been living in
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the golan heights for over thirty years each day he attends to seventy odd an orchard keeping his wine in a center that was once a syrian bunker he is proud of the wine he produces but knows that in the absence of water none of this would be possible but i know your question in water is important because it's the second main resource that we have other than the land we call each drop needs water and without it you will destroy all the crops and destroy all the farming here you can turn the golan heights into a disaster and it's not just about the golan heights rainwater from its catchment feeds into the river jordan providing a food of israel's water supply the disputed region with seeds from syria after the six day war and residents of the golan remember that water was a key issue in the conflict and one of the stands here understands the importance of the work that all the water supply of israel because every drop of water raining
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here will be on it's grown to the syrian city of god so we can say that it is a must. expect the president to have all over what the fall says it's a worldwide rule that whoever controls the water controls the land but the problem is in some places there's very little water to go around bring you have the common waterfalls shared by several sovereign nations there's always the possibility of a clash of riches conflicts that should be manageable or spread out of control and examples of possible conflicts are plentiful syria's major water sources travel through turkey and iraq making it vulnerable while jordan is reliant on a river with syria bill today egypt. recently expressed concern of a countries using the upper now to generate electric power in the dry landscape of the middle east water is a prize more precious than diamonds in its absence famine and drought are quick to
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follow but this is a region that very seldom needs an excuse for war and water shortages might just tip the balance for this year r.t. in the golan heights. egypt is also among the countries locked in disputes over water seeds of discontent in cairo where planted by if you know piers dam project on a key it tributary of the nile river raising fears that this could affect the amount of water reaching the country kyra based political science professor saeed sadec sezar resolving this is vital for egypt to stay afloat we have to remember that egypt has only six to seven percent of its land and the rest of the egyptian territory is there's a so that can really be a serious effort to national security and that's why immediately when the syrian raised the issue of the hive there the world some experts here is that the work of about to go in to war was this your bill because if you cut water on us we would be
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buying eighty five percent of the water. and water comes from and so it's serious in fact that in two thousand and fifteen egypt will be one hundred fifty million people what would happen to egypt in the u. two thousand and fifty if we don't have more water. next an in-depth look at the crime crisis in new only that and the ideas for solutions that no one can agree on.
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what a country experiences a tragedy like the recent terrorism in volgograd this question is what to do about it i mean we have to do something right let's never let a good tragedy go to waste one do remember recommends getting rid of the moratorium on the death penalty for prayers groups including terrorists because the death penalty is the perfect way to punish a suicide bomber also this do remember failed to mention high level cryptic rats in the government as those who could possibly face the firing squad perhaps that was just an honest oversight i'm not against the death penalty in some rare instances but punishing terrorists after the fact doesn't bring victims back the focus needs to be on the source of terrorism soldiers can play around all day with weapons
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because the government gives them a salary weapons and training some people are recruiting arming and training new terrorists you don't need to usher in a massive surveillance state to stop terrorism or go death penalty crazy what you need to do is hit the funding and training source hard if you can i mean how many of you guys out there could make a remotely detonated bomb a c four on your own without help almost none of you see for doesn't grow on trees . someone pays for it but that's just my opinion. as part of their mission to transform the state juvenile justice system j g.p.l. hold fears to educate young people about how the law can affect the lives and number of national studies have looked at the fact that when you take a child away from their community you take them out of school you take them away from any support system they're often housed in inhumane or brutal conditions rarely go.


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